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Friday, September 5, 2014

Back to School-Keeping Classroom Paper Use Down

Photo Credit: http://viktorg.com/wordpress1/meconomorph-2/

The smell of fall is in the air (well, almost) and school is back in session.  With school starting again, comes more paper use.  Did you know that each American student (primary to high school age) averages using approximately 800 pieces of paper each school year, and that's just while they are in the school's building alone?

Here are a few ways to keep your students' paper consumption down:
  • Always use recycled paper.
  • Always recycle paper.  If you don't have recycling at your school, check out our curriculum and special school program here.
  • Re-use your paper.  Have a bin in your classroom that students can collect paper they can reuse (only used on one-side).  For special assignments, have them go to that bin to use that paper.
  • Keep it organized.  If there are systems in place for recycling or reusing papers, students are more likely to use the system and also understand how to implement these practices at home.

Find out more ways to keep your classroom environmentally friendly at NRDC's Green Squad website.